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World Book Day

5th Mar 2018

Thursday 1st March was World Book Day. Mrs O'Prey's P2 class did a special assembly in the hall for the P1s, P2s and P3s.

First the children acted out the story of Wombat Stew. Mohamed was the dingo and Sarah R was the wombat. Ethan, Sarah A and Hannah were emus. They put feathers in the stew. Han and Jaden were echidnas. Mustafa, Andy and Juliette were koalas. They put gum nuts in the stew. Emily, Kai and Olivier were blue-tongue lizards. They put flies in the stew. Meara, Sarah M and Divsha were platypuses. They put mud in the stew. The other children were narrators.

After the Wombat Stew play Mrs O’Prey told everyone a story about when her holiday was cancelled. She reminded the kids that if you are feeling sad, lonely or disappointed you can read a book to cheer up.

Then some P1 children helped Mrs O’Prey make up a story about a bunny that wanted to have a beth.

Finally all the classes shared their favourite story. All of the children enjoyed World Book Day.

Well Done Mrs O’Prey’s class.