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St Brides PS Belfast

Safeguarding in St. Bride's Primary School


Dear Parents/ Carers

In St. Bride's Primary School Safeguarding is of paramount importance.

It is essential that the pupils in our school feel safe, secure and free from emotional and physical harm and they understand that their concerns will be listened to sympathetically and approriate action taken. The children are taught in school how to raise concerns. 

We hope that this web page informs parents or carers of policies and procedures relating to the protection of children at risk.  

The photographs introduce the members of St. Bride's Safeguarding Team who are fully trained, approachable and who will work effectively with you when you raise a concern.The names of relevant members of the Board of Governors are also included. 

The flow diagram indicates concisely how to raise a concern. 

The school has and implements fully the attached Safeguarding Policy which reflects the guidance of the Department of Education. ( We are aware that the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is a key component part of the full Pastoral Care & Positive Behaviour Policy. However, to ease reference we have attached below solely the Safe Guarding and Child Protection Policy.) 

If you have a concern about the safety or welfare of a child, even if there is uncertainty, no matter how small your concern, please contact the school. Your concern will be dealt with in a professional manner. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Remember your information could be the missing piece in the jigsaw. 

Please help us to keep all in our school community safe. 


It is important to note that during the ongoing Covid Pandemic we in St. Bride’s Primary School will continue to follow our Safeguarding Policy. We recognise that for some pupils the need to spend more time at home will bring additional challenges, and for some this will be an additional safeguarding risk factor. We will continue to be responsible for safeguarding our pupils in these most unusual of circumstances. 

St.Bride’s Safeguarding Team.