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St Brides PS Belfast
Year 7 Leavers' Mass Tuesday 18th June at 1.30pm in St. Brigid's Parish Church
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P6 McAuley Practical Maths - Area

24th Apr 2018

Mr McAuley’s class have been looking at ‘area’ in their maths work recently so today we put our knowledge to the test. The children measured out four ½ m by ½ m squares, sticking them together and calculating the area of the shape. The children identified ways how they could use a m2 in real to find the area in life contexts.

They then cut the metre square to make two congruent triangles. The children were then able to measure the area of the triangles and create both an isosceles triangle and a parallelogram, discussing their various properties. The children worked very hard in their groups with everyone putting in a great effort.