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P4 McKeating Visit War Memorial Museum

8th Feb 2018

On Thursday 8th February 2018 our P 4 class visited the War Memorial museum.

First we went to meet and greet in the conference room. There our guide Jenny told us many interesting WW2 facts (most of which we knew anyway). Did you know that the worst night of the Belfast Blitz was 15th April 1941 and almost 1000 people lost their lives? The city Hall lost its roof but the Albert Clock stood straight and tall. Air Raid Precautions were taken all over the city but still a lot of damage was done.

The German bombers dropped flares and so they could see the Ship Yard clearly even though there was a black-out. We were actually in the very place where most of the bombs were dropped.

Next we went to the Museum where we dressed up as Pilots, Nurses, Soldiers and Air Raid wardens.

After that we listened to Jenny talk about Rationing. She showed us how much butter each family had for one week.

Finally, we thanked Jenny for a wonderful and very informative morning.

We were captivated by the WW2 topic and loved our trip very much and learnt many interesting facts about WW2.