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P1 Merron - playtime in May

17th May 2018

During playtime this month we have been exploring lots of toys both old and new.

We have been watching the caterpillars grow and grow. They have changed into their chrysalis and only one butterfly has come out so far. It's been lots of fun to watch. We have planted some herbs and some have started to grow. Some of us tasted the watercress and not many of us liked it. We are waiting on the basil and chives to grow some more.

We have been busy at the writing table and lots of people have been writing amazing sentences all on their own. Mrs Merron has been so impressed.

We have had time to explore the beebots and we are learning to program instructions to make it move.

The toy shop has been popular and lots of people are busy buying the toys making sure to count out the correct money. Lots of people have painted their favourite toy for the display board.

Mrs Merron has watched a lot of puppet shows in the last couple of weeks and has enjoyed the shows immensely.