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St Brides PS Belfast

P1 Merron - Literacy task time

2nd Oct 2018

This week we will be busy doing lots in our literacy task time. We are learning all about the 's' letter and the sound it makes. We have been making the sound and thinking of things beginning with the letter 's'. Mrs Merron has been very impressed, we know lots of things beginning with 's'. (this is a useful song you can play for the letter 's')

The sound spot has lots of things as you can see from the picture. We have also been practising writing the letter 's' which can be a little tricky. We got to use cool whiteboards to write on using black pens.

We have also been talking all about the ORT (Oxford Reading Tree) characters, these are Mum, Dad, Chip, Biff, Kipper and Floppy. We have been listening to stories all about these characters and this week we got to pick our favourite one and tell Mrs Merron why.

We have been talking lots about syllables too and we have been using syllablobs to count out the number of syllables in our names and in objects. E.g. di-no-saur (has three syllables), peg (has one syllable) but-ton (has 2 syllables).

We know what writing looks like and we are starting to see letters around our classroom. We have been saying sentences using words and counting the words in our sentences.