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St Brides PS Belfast

Year 7 Graham Have Green Fingers

26th Mar 2021

Our class went out to the playground and started to plant some seeds. We were lucky as we had Mrs Kinney there to help us. We planted some sunflowers, pollinators and a lot more. We split into groups and then started to get trowels and shovels we had to get the water as well and what was handy was there was a tap just around the corner. We had plenty of watering cans for each group and we needed it to plant all the seeds. Another group was growing corn. We had plenty of toilet and kitchen roll holders to put soil and plants into we all did an hour and a half of work and enjoyed ourselves. By Charlie 

A big thank you to Mrs Kinney from all in St. Bride's for her endless enthusiasm and time ! The school ground are looking wonderful thanks to her and her army of pupils.