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Poem by Brendan Year 5Mc A

8th Nov 2018

Flower Change by Brendan P.5

The roots are coming round,

Hiding away underground.

The roots are hiding away,

It’s like a rabbit in her house all day.

A tiny seed on the ground,

Nowhere to be found.

The little seed so very small,

It’s like a very tiny ball.

A seedling is rising up,

It doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop!

I hear the tiny seed starting to grow leaves,

It’s like the leaves from the trees.

The stem is going up, up, up,

Right up to the top!

It’s nice to see that it has some life,

To flowers scissors are like a knife.

The petals still can’t be seen,

It’s like eyes closed having a dream,

I could hear the leaves rattling when the wind had blown,

It’s like the best music ever to be known!

Now the petals can be found,

Everyone is coming round.

I could see the flower starting to bloom,

Everyone wanted to see, but there wasn’t any room!

I felt so happy! It was like a new born baby at Christmas,

Everyone was thinking at last, at last, at last!

I was so excited! It was like I was going to a funfair,

Even if the flower wasn’t that big, no one really cared!

The bees were buzzing, sucking the nectar.

If I had to name it, I would call it Hector.

The flower has been through Autumn, winter and spring

But it’s all worth it because what beauty it’ll bring!