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Poem- I Have Grown Up Now by Lucia

8th Nov 2018

I Have Grown Up Now   By Lucia

                                             My eyes opened, like birds flapping their wings,

Light shone on me, like the light of the sun.

It was ‘Welcome to the world!’ for me.

The days past, as fast as a cheetah.

My hair became thicker, as thick as the wind.

My arms became longer, as long as the sky.

I could see I was getting taller, as tall as a skyscraper.

When I could talk, I talked all the time. I talked like I was being interviewed and never stopped.

When I could walk, I walked everywhere. I walked sometimes out the door, when I was only four.

When I went to Nursery, I went inside, as timid as a mouse.

I was scared, as if a lion was going to pounce on me!

I enjoyed Nursery very much, as much as a million sweets!

                             When it was summer time, I had lots of fun! As much fun as Nursery!

I went on holiday on a farm and had three very playful dogs, as playful as clowns in the circus.

School was back! I was in P1. It wasn’t as much fun as nursery!

It was very hard, as hard as a push-up!

P1 and the summer went by and I went past the hard days of P2.

There was a new baby in the house. He cried every night. I thought a flood might start!

He was very cute, like a litter of puppies that had just been born.

His hair smelt like a fresh bouquet of flowers waiting to be bought.

                                                   P2 went by with the amazing summer and P3 came on.

I loved it! I loved it as much as the sky can take me.

It was very interesting, as interesting as the world’s secrets.

P4 came. It was a very hard year but it was interesting too, very interesting indeed.

P5 isn’t over yet.

It’s the start of a new year and here I am sitting in this chair, writing this interesting poem!

All about my life!

And in the future,

There’s more!