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St Brides PS Belfast

P1 Wynne Planetarium Trip

13th Feb 2020

On Thursday, we went to the Planetarium. It was super!

First we got on to a bus and the bus driver drove us to Armagh Planetarium - it was a long but fun drive! When we arrived, we got our snack and then we went into the big cinema. We got to look up at the night sky and then we saw the stars and all the different constellations. We learned lots about the stars and then we got to see all the planets! We learned about the 4 gas giants that we wouldn't be able to land on with a spaceship and we got to take a trip to the moon. We then went into a different room where we got to make our own rockets. Together we decorated the wings and the nose cone and we had to tape them to our rocket. When we went outside we put water in them and counted down as each rocket blasted off. For the last rocket, we counted down from 10! It was so much fun! There are some videos of the rockets blasting off !!

Then we went into a room and we listened to lots of interesting facts about astronauts and the space station! Some of us want to be astronauts when we grow up so we were listening very carefully!!

Then we had our lunch and got back on the bus. We had great fun - so much fun that some of us had a little nap on the way home!! We will all sleep tonight! Miss Wynne was so proud of everyone!!