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St Brides PS Belfast

P1 Wynne love Numeracy

21st Dec 2018

In Numeracy, we love to do our learning through practical work. This week, we rotated through lots of fun practical activities.

We have started to investigate weighing, so we were weighing presents to see which was heavier and which was lighter. The heavier present made its end of the scale fall down and the lighter one floated up higher. If the scales were in a straight line, this meant they were balanced and the presents were about the same weight. Imagine the fun trying to get the scales to balance!!

We loved putting our Christmas trees in the right order. We had to match the number of baubles on the tree to the number on the trunk (lollipop sticks).

We are exploring 3D shape too, and have been using 3D shapes to build models and cities and some of us even built vehicles. We have been using cubes, spheres, cuboids, cylinder and cones. We talked about how we can hold 3D shapes and the different shapes their faces are.

We used real money (1 penny coins) to buy different things when we were playing shopkeeper with our partners.

We are consolidating our numbers all the time, and we love playing number bingo and matching the symbol, e.g. 4 to the set of that number, e.g. 4 balloons.

We used the Hammer and Nail set to create patterns on the corkboards.

We have been so busy learning and investigating – we are definitely ready for our Christmas holidays!!