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St Brides PS Belfast

P1 Merron - Trip to the Planetarium

12th Feb 2020

We went to Armagh to visit the Planetarium on Wednesday! It was a fantastic trip. We all got onto a big bus and drove to Armagh. The Planetarium was fantastic, we got to watch a really cool movie on the ceiling of a dome! We saw all the planets and learnt lots of interesting facts. We visited the moon and the sun. At the end we got to ride on a rollercoaster, it was so fun! We then got to hold a real rock from space and felt how heavy it was and found out that it is actually magnetic! After we went to sit on the moon and learnt lots about astronauts and living in space on the international space station. We then got to go fire rockets which was really really fun. We had to make and design our rockets first then we got to blast them off!!! It was such a really fab trip. Mrs Merron was super proud of all the boys and girls as they behaved fantastically and had lots and lots of fun!!!