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My First Pony by Noyonika

8th Nov 2018

My First Pony by Noyonika

The stables were as green as grass with glossy white paint.

Ponies, horses and dogs were all around me.

Pigs as light as a leaf and as pink as a flower.

There was my pony as colourful as a cookie.

The small dogs were howling like wolves.

The instructor said, “Is this the new jockey?”

Ponies were munching away.

They were galloping away like cheetahs in the field.

My heart was racing extremely fast,

I had butterflies in my tummy.

It was like I was entering a cave but I didn’t know what was in there.

I felt the pony’s soft as wool hair.

The grass smelled like a new book,

The hay smelt like brand new apples,

A bit of sand,

And some wood.

He was beautiful,

Sweet as a cupcake.

Cute as a bunny,

And the best pony ever!