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St Brides PS Belfast

My Day with Foden’s.

13th Feb 2020


On Saturday the first of February my friends Conor, Charlotte and I had a great day with one of the best brass bands in the world called Foden’s. We spent the day in Armagh having a chance to play a solo with a full sized brass band accompanying us.

I played a piece called ‘Close Every Door to Me’ and Charlotte and Conor played a duet called ‘My First Solo’. Then we were given advice about our playing technique and how we could improve by some top class brass players. It was really exciting to hear myself playing with such a big band who knew exactly what they were doing. It made an amazing noise. I think it was wonderful for them to give up their time to encourage us to play our instruments better. It made us want to become better players, perhaps as good as them one day!
I ended the day listening to Foden’s playing their own pieces. It was a truly amazing sound.
When the day was over we were really proud to have had the chance to play at this and to represent brass playing in St Bride’s!

By Edward 


Thomas and Aidan from school also went down to the concert. 
They had a great time and were so keen that during the interval they kept asking me lots of questions.